I used to spend many weekends browsing flea-markets and antique shops with my Dad, so I suppose part of the reason I've been posting so much old stuff is because I miss that. There are a few memories that stick out very vividly. Smells of varnish, the rich scent of freshly sanded oregon pine and my worst...moth balls. One of the first memories I have was of spending hours in our garage on this one particular piece. An old yellowwood table he picked up from a rural school. It was covered in drawing pins and staples. It turned out to be such a great piece in the end. Amazing rich colour and full of character. On another occasion a couple of years ago, we were at a local market and I stopped to browse an old photo album with a few old photos still inside. On asking how much it was the lady behind the counter said I could have it for free. These are some of the photos I found. They're travel photos from Greece and Egypt.


The Bladesmith from Reuven Kustanovich on Vimeo.

Beautifully edited video of local bladesmith De Wet van Zyl by Reuven Kustanovich and Pablo Ponzone of Los Rambos. It's always great to see videos of local craftmen doing something they're passionate about. See the video in HD here. Thanks to Greg Davies for the link.


Thought I'd add another installment in my review of thrift and second hand stores in Durban. Nuggets 'n Gems was formerly called Hidden Treasures and was located on the corner of Clark and Bulwer Roads. The premises are currently occupied by a great little shop Mooi. Nuggets 'n Gems are very much a charity shop so expect to find donated goods mostly. In terms of second hand furniture, there's not too much. The shop is worth a visit if you're looking for books, clothes and other bits and pieces. I noticed one or two classics on the shelves and although there wasn't much for guys in terms of clothing, there were two full rails for the ladies to browse. It's a small store but there's quite a bit to dig through. Have a look if you're in the area. The shop might be a bit difficult to find as it's at the very beginning of Bulwer Road. Your best bet is drive up Berea and hang a left into Bulwer Road after the robots near the Durban University of Technology.

Address: 9 Bulwer Road, Glenwood
Call: 031 466 4994 or 079 130 9811 / 078 800 2812
Open: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 16:30
Saturday - 9:00 - 12:30
Closed Sundays


That recent post in which I featured the super shiny brogues was actually inspired by these images. I sent my boss a link to Dapper Lou which had a feature on brogues, so he hauled out his new pair and made us all go Wow! Really dig the colourways and various styles. Not everything on the site is to my taste but there's some great mens fashion for those that are interested. Brogues are making some huge headway in mens fashion at the moment and what better way than to rock them with a pair of roll-up cords or denim. Dig those three looks as well. Galaxy shirt, tawny cords and blue brogues. Too cool.


We visited the Cape a year or two ago as a family. We managed to hook my aunts car for our time down there which was great. As the spot we stayed in was in Simonskloof we spent most of our time, traipsing around Kalk Bay, Simonstown, Fish Hoek, Kommetjie and Scarborough. My father however was far more interested in hitting every little antique, thrift or second store in every town. I didn't mind so much as I'm into that sort of thing but the women weren't so pleased, preferring shopping over scrounging dusty corners for treasures. These are only about half of them but I picked up a pack of these 7.5 cm x 5.5 cm cigarette cards for real cheap. I love the way they look and think I'll blow one or two up one day and frame them. Just need my own spot. oh, and full credit to anyone who can say that title three times fast. Go!


My colleague Amber of Thunder in our Hearts has already posted about this but I couldn't resist putting up a pic of these shoes. My boss Neville Trickett has a serious shoe addiction. These above are his latest purchase. Florsheim by Duckie Brown in copper. Yes, they are that shiny!


My mate Trevor Paul's lady Lanel makes plush toys. I think they're pretty cool. I have a young cousin who's going to go a little berserk when I buy one of these for her. I'm leaning towards one of these little guys. His name is. See more of Lanel's creations here at


Years ago, when I first began blogging I planned to post a little something about some of the second stores and thrift shops I frequented. I never got around to getting it done. Well, now I have. These are my first two reviews. If you lot have any suggestions, pop me a mail or leave a comment and I’ll check it out.


Twice Round, situated in Durban North, is super easy to find and has dished me up some great items over the years. I picked up a pair of low wood and leather teak chairs there a couple of years ago for R130. When I visited them recently the owners greeted me and asked if they could help. That's always nice. I always get freaked out when the help follow me around or are keeping an eye on me as if I'm going sneak something into my pocket and bolt for the door. Not so here. Help here is always at hand but never in your face or super watchful. I'm always free to browse. This is the store to hit if you're looking for pieces of furniture to add to your current home furniture, like single chairs or a little retro coffee table, although they do stock larger pieces like bookshelves and headboards, and smalls like tea-sets and deco ashtrays. They are essentially a second hand furniture and appliance store, so if you're looking to thrift some cool threads you'll have to look elsewhere. All in all I dig this place heaps. They even have a bird-feeder outside, so you know they’re good people.

Address: Shop 1, Ellis Park Centre, 1 Romsey Grove, Durban North.
Call: 031 564 8608 Email:
Open: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 17:00
Saturday - 8:30 – 12:30
Closed Sundays


City Buy & Sell has only been open for a short while, and as I hadn’t had a browse I popped in to have a look see. Again the staff and manager were friendly. The store stocks furniture, kitchenware and crockery, and a range of other goods. I also saw a second-hand Pentax P30 that I’ve got my eye on. Need to just do a little research and see whether it’s worth the buy. When I asked them to reserve it for me there was no major process, they just asked for my name, that’s it. Towards the back of the store they’ve got a few bookshelves with second hand books. I picked three I liked, headed to pay and the owner asked how much I wanted to pay for them. I gave my price and he said that was it was too much and said “Take them for R20”. Kind guy.
They’re new but definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Address: 19A Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban North.
Call: 031 563 2901/3
Open: Monday - Friday 8:30 - 14:30
Saturday - 7:30 - 14:00
Closed Sundays


The 031 collection which took place this past weekend in Durban, was a complete success. Hot fashion, great atmosphere and all round fun. Each seat in our section had a little take-away pack. Most of the items were for the ladies ( see nail polish, shades, make-up etc.) , but there was this one thing that caught my eye. Amanda Laird Cherry got small flyer / booklets printed. The story was made up but cool nonetheless. Seemed like she was the only designer to do so. I liked them purely for that reason. It's the same reason I liked the Holmes Bros range the most. They chose to use regular joes and those with a bit of quirk, instead of clean-cut chiseled schmodels. Anyway I digress. I dig the illustration and typography, mostly as I was a bird-watcher in my youth, ( Okay go ahead and laugh. I got to hang with my Dad in the bush, and go on road-trips so it was great fun actually ) but also because the design was beautifully executed and sits well with her range. For those that don't know Amanda Laird Cherry is one of South Africa's foremost fashion designers. Her site is under construction but check out her Facebook page in the meantime.


I've always loved blogging. Ever since the first few comments on my early stumblings came through. It is however so much about the people you meet online. Those that pop by and leave a kind comment or a link. Obviously you're not able to "meet" everyone you connect with online. Now and again you do though, and more often than not become pretty good mates. These two ladies have not only become talented bloggers in their own right, but I'd like to say have become good mates. So that's Lauren on the left in the top pic and she blogs at glossaryzine and in the next pic is Nadia of lovecupcakecouture ( Click their names to follow them on Twitter ). Great girls, great bloggers. They also happen to be stalwarts at Durban's I Heart Market, which happens the first Saturday of the month. The next one's on Saturday the 4th of June at the DLI Hall from 9am to 2pm. If you've never been, make sure you make it. These pics were taken at the 031 Collection on Friday night. What a blast!


This weekend looks like it's going to be a chilled one. Tonight will be great. Hooked free tickets to the 031 Collection. Who knows, I might even get to see Agyness Deyn in all her blonde cropped modelness.

As for Saturday and Sunday, well that's the best part. After a busy week I'm tkaing it way slow. might hit a thrift store or two. Wish there was a market of the calibre above to hit though. Have you ever seen so much lustworthy objects in one place. See that guy bolting for a bargain in the one pic. I'd be ahead of him, fending him off with a weighty deco ashtray. Images courtesy of The Brick House which held a sale, jointly stocked by Modernhaus, Terriplanty and Laure Joliet of At Home At Home.