Never before have I seen so many talented to the extreme illustrators in one place at one time. Visit We are the image makers and be amazed. One of my favourites has to be work of Morten Rowley at munkmotion who has a piece featured above.


I don't know how legal this is but I think it's alright. Check it out for a range of artists.


Anyone who can make every room in their apartment look like something out of an interior design mag deserves a mention here. Meggethpixel does just that.


For as long as I can remember my Dad has always had old tables, chairs, jewellery and generally tons of old and interesting stuff stuck into every corner of our garage. Now he has a space to store it all - much to my mum's delight.


Always keen for great illustration but great illustration with a concept, now that's just better. *Please note though that by no means do I mean to make light of bipolar disorder, but am merely presenting an illustration style.


Flip my heart hurts when I see news article after news article about senseless killing. Lucky was shot and died after fleeing the scene in an apparent botched hijacking in Rosettenville, Johannesburg last night. He was dropping off his son, who although was unharmed was witness to the whole event. At 43 he was still young and undoubtedly robbed of years of his life. I'm not the hugest fan of his music but his passing saddens me. Not necessarily because the world was robbed of a great musician but because the government or someone has to do something.......surely. This is what a foreign website has to say about the state of crime in S.A.

"South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with nearly 20,000 homicides last year. Many of the killings occur during robberies and hijackings. These are common in a country where one-half of the population lives on less than $2 (about R14) per day"


I happened to happen upon the work of Jeremiah Ketner on Flickr yesterday. I could try and write great things about it but I won't. You should check it out yourself.


Every now & then I get a newsletter from Threadless. It's an online t-shirt store with a difference. They don't design the shirts themselves. You get to submit designs, rate other designs and buy as you please. If your design gets chosen you get a free T and a voucher to their online store. Here's one of the latest design I thought was pretty sweet.


Dove launched this ad a while back. Available for viewing on Youtube it's a disturbing insight into the lengths agencies/ studios and other media companies go to to achieve "that" look. All woman (and men for that matter) regardless of age need to watch this.


This flash game by amanita design has possibly been the best thing I've found on the net. It's tough to put into words. If you had to throw a few movies like The Goonies, Hook and Jumanji together and throw it in a blender, you'd be left with the base for Samarost. Then throw hundreds and thousands on top and you're closer but still not there. It's full of trial and error problem solving, natural textures, great character design and multiple stages. So give it a shot when you have a few hours free. And yes there is an end...but I'm gonna stay mum on all that.


Stumbled upon this interesting illustration. It's covered in the last words of a range of famous people through the ages, from heroes to presidents. Some are a tad creepy, others are downright brazen and then some are just plain sad.


A local site worth checking out. I hope to produce work of this level one day. Slick, professional and original.


I don't wake every morning to a view like this, but some mornings are like this and then some. My balcony - early - a few months back.