Recently saw on Lucky Pony that they were hosting a photographic exhibition at Wolves on the 2nd of September. It's a film-only show so I had a scrounge through some recent shots. Hoping to make it up for the show but it's looking doubtful. These are two of the shots I submitted. If you're in the area, pop by on Friday night for what's sure to be cracker of an evening. Big thanks to Shane for sorting me out with the printing.


Ever wish you could take a sketch you've just finished and copy it, as is, straight into an editable format on your computer. Well, that's the wish of many, and to a degree that is achievable. The thing is you have to tweak the various levels, up the tolerance and fiddle with a range of indecipherable settings. Well that's not the case any more.


Urban Outfitters are always on trend with each new range and this one for early fall doesn't disappoint. There are a few things I dig but the mix of brights and earth tones coming through, their art direction and styling, the locations, the offbeat models and the fact that they're supporting students at the Pratt Institute who got the chance to design a dress for this season, make them a permanent favourite. Now just to find out when they're opening a store in South Africa. Oh and I recently discovered they have a tumblr. Follow them. Above are some images from their latest catalogue. See more on their site.


Really dig the work of North Carolina based photographer Jeff Holt. The shots he's chosen to feature on his site are grainy, moody and downright epic. All his work seems to be imbued with a love for life on a grand scale and his selected works view like a road-trip full of troubles and triumphs. Under the info section of his site he put his love for what he does like this.

"I have had incredible experiences that have shaped my opinions, views, outlook and disposition on life. It seems that in the last several years I have been dealt more than in those previous. From success to failure, life at it’s best to life at it’s worst; love, loss and personal injury just to name a few. With all of that said, I have come to know that everything happens for a reason and in the end, life is about the journey and how we choose to live it. It is short, it is sweet and I choose to live mine with a passion that I hope is infectious to those around me."

Above are my favourites from his various categories. See more of his work here.


A new video's out for local muso Farryl Purkiss for his single Seraphine. Produced locally by Hamblin Exposed the clip and song are an interesting take on our journey through life and all the ups, downs, joys and sorrows it brings. All credit to Peter Hamblin and Matt Gardner for some great work.


One of the most visually diverse and beautifully curated tumblrs I've seen in a very long time. Full of rich textures and odd, interesting and eerie images. I could spend hours browsing the archive. Free from the standard of watches, collections of things and indulgent shoe shots that I myself and others post all the time. It's like stepping into a museum, full on intrigue and wonder. All images courtesy of the Original links might be found there.


Three weekends ago a couple of us took off to the Drakensberg for the long weekend. Taking Monday off, as Tuesday was a public holiday, meant we got the chance to get some good solid rest. Getting up there was a mission though. Please note if you're thinking of visiting Loteni, whatever you do, take a 4x4. We did end up in a ditch on the side of the road, but after some choice navigation from yours truly and superb driving skills from my mate Jono we were out. We had no choice but to turn back and overnight with friends in Dargle. The following morning we were off early and made it through to our cottage. All in all, it was a simply amazing weekend. Two of the highlights were a waterfall swim in a sub-zero pool and taking an afternoon stroll down to the river. The valley was lit up with this golden winter light that rendered even the drabbest shrub ablaze. It was magical. I got to shoot a ton of images; mostly of my mates. These were my favourites from the remainder of the shots.


There's something pretty cool about Juan Travieso's paintings. They've got this Salvador Dali, psychedelic thing going on. Found via changethethought where his worked was described as "what it might look like if the band MGMT were to paint instead of sing". I like the bear paintings the most.


I remember being in my teens, I'd say towards the end of my high school years and just developing this deep love for music. I think all teens go through this stage. I'd spend hours and days stopping, pausing and rewinding tapes so that I could get the lyrics juts right. Who wants to be at a disco and have a song come on and summoning all your teenage angst, blare out the wrong words. The reason I write about this is because I found an old book of my foolscap book of my Dad's from his high school years. The front contains a few pages and accompanying photos detailing the guys in his rugby team, row by funny hairstyled row. The back however has a few pages with carefully transcribed lyrics to the above songs, "neatly" written in his barely decipherable cursive. He'd often ask me to try and make out what he'd written down. So, it's kind of odd to picture my Dad as a teen. Hitting the dancefloor, trying to impress a girl with his moves, getting dumped and finding love again. These are the songs and lyrics he wrote down. Drop me a comment if you recognise any of them 1. With a girl like you - The Troggs 2. The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals ( Prepare to have your face melt when Eric Burdon steps it up a gear ) 3. As tears go by - Marianne Faithfull ( originally by The Rolling Stones )


So I've been a bit quite on the blogging front of late. In fact I think my last 3 posts all started like that. So I'm going to get straight into it then and not bore you with minor details. There have admittedly been some changes, namely my chin and face now sport a new beard. I've been cultivating said chinwig for a few months now and it's grown to a sizable and manly showpiece. So in light of my increased manliness I've compiled a collection of items I think would go well with my new face. Of course an axe is in the mix. It satisfies my inner lumberjack. Read all about what they're doing over at


Hello all. Work's been manic so I needed a little recharge sesh. It's good to take time off. My mates and I took a weekend break up the coast to Westbrook. Not too far from Durban, but faraway enough. The weather's improved as well. It was great to have a change of scenery. No TV, no internet...just the guys, some"braaivleis" and a deck of cards for the obligatory poker challenge. Anyway, first day back and I found these great aerial shots by Bernhard Lang. They're getting me amped for warmer days, hitting the dam and doing as little as possible. Found via orange juice etc which is a great blog by the way. and jam-packed with feel good images and posts.