I love looking through old photo albums, especially ones containing pictures of my folks in their youth, when they first started dating or my dad surfing a remote break in Europe. So I'm gonna put it out there. Get stuck in, go sift through the attic and find a favourite photo from an era gone by, with the year it was taken if possible. It can be of your folks, you in a dodgy dress, anything within limits. Scan it and send it to me (check out my profile for my email address). This is by no means a competition and is open to anyone reading my blog. Depending on the speed of the response I will post the submissions on the 8th of August. See mine above of my folks kissing in the snow - mid 70's.


It's been a while since I posted so I thought what better way then to "big up" a fellow blogger who not only added me to her blogroll but has a whole heap of crafty talent as well. Check out the Wren Design blog here. Oh yes and she currently has a sale on at her Etsy page so pop by and scoop some goodies, that is after you marvel at the bags above.


Founded by the German publishing house Feierabend Unique Books and the design agency 12ender, Zeixs specialises in design related books. Many of their previous publications on illustration, character design, typography and logos have sold like hotcakes. Now's your chance to be featured in one of them. So here's the deal and it really doesn't take that long to put together. Note this though and I apologise, but the deadline is the 31st of this month.

One of the new books coming out is on African/South African design, but there are many others coming out soon. Check them all here.


One of the enjoyable projects we took part in when I studied Graphic Design was building our own pin-hole cameras. Constructed from cardboard, tinfoil and black light-proof tape they pretty much sucked. Now this baby on the other hand would have had the class suck-ups wincing with envy. Found on chocosho via expensivesh*t. Apparently the images can "also be printed at 1200% and turned into wallpaper". Not bad at all for just under 25 dollar.


Love the rich colour of these scarves from OakNYC. They also have a great range of items for guys. See more here including two really cool pendants of a heart and a hand.


Hottest sneakers I've seen in a long time, from Adidas. These limited edition babies are called Adidas ZX450's and are available from 08/08/08. Found on hypebeast.