Got any crazy ideas of how we can put the hundreds of now unused vuvuzela's to use. Submit your idea here, or have a look at some of the other humourous submissions.


I'm such a dog person. There's a part of me that's so keen to buy my own spot, decorate as I will with all my thrift shop finds ( and some new ones ), and get me a trusty hound.

So naturally I loved finding this link on Miss Moss to this post on wolf eyebrows. I've been thinking a ton about just how amazing dogs actually are. We have one at my parents spot and she is as much a part of the family as any of us. See more of Naude's work from the exhibition at the Brodie Stevenson Gallery here.


It's been a while since I've been frequently posting. Work has been hectic, but somewhere between it all I managed to respond to an interview/questionnaire by the evercool fashionista and chef/make-up artist/stylist Nadja of the blog Lilybloom. Read the full interview here. It's my first blog interview so you'll forgive the shameless self-punting. However, the punt of Nadja's blog is a given. Click here to browse her blog and here to see some of her little ensembles on lookbook.nu.


Bright, bold, graphic and colourful illustrations from Allen Miller. Found via trendland.net. Love the mix of pencil, vector and scanned imagery. I think it adds a sort of retro, instructional diagram feeling to the work


Some really cool black and white portrait and documentary photography by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti. See more of it here on the site.