I've had the privilege of working for some great people over the years. The greatest part is that I've always had a great rapport with my bosses. I'm not talking amicable formalities. I'm talking being able to sit down and really chat and talk about anything really from religion to politics. Currently I work for possibly one of the most endlessly entertaining and inspiring individuals I've met, yet alone worked for. Nev's a man of big ideas and dreams. What sets him apart is that he could easily rest on his laurels, considering how hard he's worked and how much he's achieved, but I think he'd rather undergo a frontal lobotomy. His mind, motivation and disposition wouldn't allow it. He may not give away too much but you pick up certain things as you do when you spend a fair amount of time working for someone. Nev's always got a little something up his sleeve or this out-there idea he's keen to bring to life. It's been a huge privilege to observe this process and drive over the past year and a bit.

Above are the first four pages from his lookbook. Mister Trickett launches at Mr. Price in June. For now go check out his menswear blog.


So as those that pop in from time to time will know. I'm leaving soon. Couple more days of work left and way too much to do before I leave. Am I nervous? A little. I'm far more excited though. Part of what I'm hoping to give more energy to is my photography, particularly once I've settled in Delhi. So with that in mind I started a little project. The aim was to spend less time indoors and more time walking the streets of a city I thought I was familiar with . I'm hoping to see it from a new perspective. I don't want to just "see things"... I want to notice and observe every detail from a scrawl on a wall to lettering on a shop window. I know some people regard iPhoneography and more specifically Instagram as a poor version of the real thing and I value their opinions, but if using my iPhone makes me stop and observe with greater detail the beauty of my hometown then I think it's a step in the right direction. Above are a few things that caught my eye so far. Apologies for those that may have seen these already.