Every now and then you come across a site that has you wishing you had an endless budget. Hickoree's is such a site. Here's a collection of items on my wishlist...a very whittled down wishlist. See more here on the site.


Jennifer Young has a super-cool Friday colour series here. See more of her blog here. Discovered here on Trendland.net


I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Monday. Been thinking lately about how I want to be remembered one day. Okay, it is only my 32nd birthday, but there's been quite a bit happening lately that has got me thinking about how short our time ends up being on this little blue speck in the middle of a vast cosmos. Then I found this post on a continuous lean. I don't think many people realise what it took to achieve that initial summit, and not only that but the resources they had at their disposal. Read more here.


Backyard Bill offers up great photos of "stylish folks in their own clothes" and brief stories from each of them. See more here. Discovered via The Selby.


Art show organiser extraordinaire and talented creative in her own right Maaike Bakker, brings us another great show after her success of City Slickers. The event details on Facebook read:

"99c is an exhibition offering a diversity of works ranging from leftover sketches torn from sketchbooks as well as a couple of more complete works that all explore the infinite possibilities offered by drawing. The aim is also to offer art of different price brackets, with an emphasis on lower priced works, yet also featuring a few bigger works as an alternative. Instead of subscribing to the regular exhibition approach, 99c is supposed to be more of an art supermarket with an alternative more lo-fi approach to art-making. The exhibition will also feature a live performance by the band "a skyline on fire"

See the Facebook page here for more details and see Maaike's blog here.


Got any crazy ideas of how we can put the hundreds of now unused vuvuzela's to use. Submit your idea here, or have a look at some of the other humourous submissions.


I'm such a dog person. There's a part of me that's so keen to buy my own spot, decorate as I will with all my thrift shop finds ( and some new ones ), and get me a trusty hound.

So naturally I loved finding this link on Miss Moss to this post on wolf eyebrows. I've been thinking a ton about just how amazing dogs actually are. We have one at my parents spot and she is as much a part of the family as any of us. See more of Naude's work from the exhibition at the Brodie Stevenson Gallery here.


It's been a while since I've been frequently posting. Work has been hectic, but somewhere between it all I managed to respond to an interview/questionnaire by the evercool fashionista and chef/make-up artist/stylist Nadja of the blog Lilybloom. Read the full interview here. It's my first blog interview so you'll forgive the shameless self-punting. However, the punt of Nadja's blog is a given. Click here to browse her blog and here to see some of her little ensembles on lookbook.nu.


Bright, bold, graphic and colourful illustrations from Allen Miller. Found via trendland.net. Love the mix of pencil, vector and scanned imagery. I think it adds a sort of retro, instructional diagram feeling to the work


Some really cool black and white portrait and documentary photography by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti. See more of it here on the site.


St. Verde Succulents in Dargle, KZN owned by Neville Trickett is open this weekend. So if you're looking to take a leisurely drive through the country this weekend, head up to Dargle. See the pic for directions and any other details. Happy Friday to you all.


The beauty and originality of these sculptures by Kate MccGwire has me revisiting this post on myloveforyou way too often. See other work by the talented artist on her site here.


I found these kaleidoscopic fashion illustrations of Erin Wasson for RVCA a while back. Love the mix of stark photography and colourful line work.


Remo Camerota documents Japanese manhole covers. He's even published a book about them. Read more here or order the book here on Amazon. Found via Trendland.


I hadn't visited Stockholm based artist Brendan Monroe's site in ages. His work seems to have always had a delicately surreal and dreamlike quality. It seems that his work has become more abstract yet retained its simple beauty. Check out his some of his more recent pieces here and more of his ethereal paintings here.


I remember Wooster Collective being one of my first favourite websites. In my final year of study my major project dealt with Graffiti and Street Art and it's influence on contemporary design and illustration. Wooster provided a fantastic platform for the research necessary. Current favourite on the site is this collaboration by JR and Vhils. Read more here and visit Wooster Collective here.


As a kid I had a long list of most desperately desired toys. Grey Skull Castle was always number 1. Until now. Hoverboard by Nils Guadagnin. Discovered via designyoutrust.

HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.


Trash art? Um...not quite. What you see here is an unaltered shot of a dead baby albatross. The colourful items you see are bottle caps, plastic items and other trash the mother has mistaken for food and fed her young chick. Please don't feign ignorance to this. Do you think that all your trash ends up in a landfill? Chris Jordan documents this and numerous other horrid ends to young birds on Midway island, 2000 miles from the nearest continent.