Remo Camerota documents Japanese manhole covers. He's even published a book about them. Read more here or order the book here on Amazon. Found via Trendland.


I hadn't visited Stockholm based artist Brendan Monroe's site in ages. His work seems to have always had a delicately surreal and dreamlike quality. It seems that his work has become more abstract yet retained its simple beauty. Check out his some of his more recent pieces here and more of his ethereal paintings here.


I remember Wooster Collective being one of my first favourite websites. In my final year of study my major project dealt with Graffiti and Street Art and it's influence on contemporary design and illustration. Wooster provided a fantastic platform for the research necessary. Current favourite on the site is this collaboration by JR and Vhils. Read more here and visit Wooster Collective here.


As a kid I had a long list of most desperately desired toys. Grey Skull Castle was always number 1. Until now. Hoverboard by Nils Guadagnin. Discovered via designyoutrust.

HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.