Years ago I set off on a journey. It seems like a lifetime ago. I had no frame of reference. No preconceptions. No clue to be honest. Looking back it's pretty crazy how much of an effect just a few days in foreign city would have on me. It's changed everything. I still remember the lights from those celebrating Eid strewn across rooftops as we flew into a bustling midnight Mumbai, destined for Delhi. That was 2006. Then again in 2008. Now six years on and I'm moving to city that has caught me totally off guard, but has never left my mind. So for those keen on keeping up to date on what I'm up to, please pop in and say hello or leave a comment. I leave South Africa on 20 March and after two weeks in London I will arrive in Delhi. I hope to find time to blog in all of the settling in. I'll be walking the streets, taking photos and volunteering with a few initiatives that I've been eye-ing out... plus exploring this amazing country... first stop Varanasi perhaps. I'm not too sure yet whether I'll be starting a new blog or what, but when the times comes I'll keep you all posted. So here's to taking risks and being scared. Hope to keep in touch with those I've neglected recently in all the prep and busy work vibes. Above are a few snaps from my last trip.