This is a glimpse of the remarkable beauty I was privy to on Wednesday the 21st. Gotta love them public holidays. Just a group of lads, Mother Nature and thorns galore. Caught this chap as he stopped for a drink.

word love

I have a thing for words. I go through phases too. I love looking them up in a variety of dictionaries online and at home for as many definitions as possible. My favourite word for a while was privy. Here's one definition of it.

Privy - ( adjective ) 1. sharing in the knowledge of ( something secret or private ) 2. archaic, hidden or secret. ORIGIN: Middle English ( originally in the sense [ belonging to one's own private circle ] ) : from Old French prive ' private ' ( also used a s a noun meaning ' private place ' and ' familiar friend ' ) from Latin privatus ' withdrawn from public life '


Valkieser are insanely talented. Great ad after great ad. Must be awesome to get the budget to assemble ads of this magnitude. My favourite?...The Snickers ad.

this morning

Sometimes mornings leave me breathless for all the wrong reasons, and than other mornings leave me breathless for all the right. I really hope I have more like this. Something about the rain makes everything seem brand new, clean and colourful, like when you opened a new box of crayons as a kid. You know they're going to go from pointy to flat in no time at all, and that the paper covers are going to disintegrate so quickly, but for a few seconds you just sit and marvel at their waxy newness, hoping others notice and smile knowingly when they do .