I found this video a while back on Starling & Hero. It was more or less around the same time that buck-attacking-a-biker video went viral. Personally, as crazy as that moment was and as amazing as it was to have been caught on film, I've watched this video far more. Pretty cool backing track there as well. My favourite? The "Tony Blair giving a speech". Priceless. For those that don't know anything about Starling & Hero, they're a local crowd that take old bicycles and make them better than knew. Got to see their stand at The Neighbourgoods Market in Juta Street recently. You should have a chat next time you're there.


It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down, clear my head and put up some quality content. I've been finding loads of great stuff to post, but what's a blog if it doesn't have a fair amount of opinion on what you're posting. As much as I love tumblr, I don't want this to be my tumblr. I want discussion and discourse, opinion and feedback. Engaging stuff. To kick off what might still be a sporadic bout of posting here's a look-see at some talented local team-effort stuff. Daniel Ting Chong and Jordan Metcalf collaborated to produce a series of artworks commenting on our collective paranoia and fear of crime in a South African context. You can read and see more about the project and their motivation for it, here on the BehanceNetwork or click on their names to be taken through to their individual sites. Great to be back.


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Our team and our office were recently featured in the latest edition of Elle. Jenna McArthur visited the studio and checked out what we wear and what we get up to. Thought you guys might want to have a look see at what we all look like and the cool space we get to work in every day. A few of the team were chosen to be featured in the mag. I was pipped at the post for a guys spot by my boss Neville Trickett and my mate Darryn, two of the best dressed and stylish blokes I know. It was an easily accepted defeat. I did however get a mention and a pic on the site. That's pretty neat :) Read the article here. Oh and that's me with the camera and my Dad's army jacket.