Kent Rogowski has produced a series of portraits unlike any others I've seen. Taking ordinary teddy bears, turning them inside out and restuffing them Rogowski has created toys which are quirky and weird yet all too endearing. See more from this series here.


Really like these leafy shots from Dalton Rooney. As a kid I spent tons of time on nature trails so these have got the nostalgia flowing. Found via Elizabeth Weinberg's blog.


I try visit my folks about once/twice a week. Some of childhood lingers at the back of cupboards and wardrobes, waiting for the day they're rediscovered and cherished once again. Among these items are of course some of my old comic books. Paged through these and I was there again, 1984. Six years old and dead to the world. Who wouldn't be with center spreads of Sylvester Stallone, Mr T. and Sheena Easton. Man those were truly the days. 45c plus GST.


I can't remember how I found Miss Whites blog - White Writing but spent a bit of time browsing her Tumblr page and found these illustrations by Merdanchik Sanchos-Yohanson. Love them. I mean who, as a kid, didn't get transformed from mere child to super-kid when donning a pair of these shades.


Bought this book on sale at Bookbase on Florida Rd, Durban for R5. Needless to say I was sold by the cover. Penned by Russian author Anton Chekov, the book contains two short stories and is part of a series of 70 short story titles published in 2005 by Penguin for their 70th Anniversary celebration. Other renowned authors in the series are Roald Dahl, George Orwell, Hunter S. Thompson, Zadie Smith, Noam Chomsky, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and John Steinbeck. Scanned the net and found other great covers shown above.