Every now and then you come across a site that has you wishing you had an endless budget. Hickoree's is such a site. Here's a collection of items on my wishlist...a very whittled down wishlist. See more here on the site.


Jennifer Young has a super-cool Friday colour series here. See more of her blog here. Discovered here on Trendland.net


I celebrated my 32nd birthday on Monday. Been thinking lately about how I want to be remembered one day. Okay, it is only my 32nd birthday, but there's been quite a bit happening lately that has got me thinking about how short our time ends up being on this little blue speck in the middle of a vast cosmos. Then I found this post on a continuous lean. I don't think many people realise what it took to achieve that initial summit, and not only that but the resources they had at their disposal. Read more here.


Backyard Bill offers up great photos of "stylish folks in their own clothes" and brief stories from each of them. See more here. Discovered via The Selby.