For a while now I've been trying to check out the Johnny-Loco site but have had hassles for some reason (url error). But today, my friends I hit a bit of luck.

So I have a question for anyone reading this. When last did you ride a bike. I think the last time may have been when I was in London in 1999. I might have ridden one since, oh yes the little cycle race in 2002. Well anyway, in my opinion not much beats hitting a long, slow hill on a bike. It really is such an awesome experience. So to those whining about the soaring fuel price. Hop on a bike the next time you head down to your local café for some bread and milk. See my choice above. The Classic, City, Extreme and Cargo Beach Cruisers.


A while back I posted about some bamboo products I found while browsing. Well, the informed will know that bamboo is growing in preference to other mediums, across the board, from furniture to lighting and more. Last year a bunch of Israeli students from Shenkar College, took part in a bamboo toy workshop in China hosted by HaPe international Ltd. One month later and these are some of the results. Discovered on DesignBoom.


Love the treatment of these photos I found on Jed Root. If you're ever looking for some fashion ref. this is a certainly worth a browse.