I am seriously considering selling all I have, getting a ticket to the States, marrying a cute little hick chick and living in the country after seeing this here sweet beauty. I reckon if I'd grown up in the States my Dad and I could have cruised the hood in this. Read more on ACL here.


Rob Ryan's paper-cut pieces are a happy and delightful mix of beautiful lines and witty life-isms and observations. See more of his work on Etsy and on his blog.


I featured my mate Maaike's work on my blog a while back but as far as I remember it was a perspex badge she had mailed. Well, this talented friend of mine has been busy. If Maaike's not popping out some more badges and brooches, then she's running around, ( while still maintaining her consistently chilled attitude ) and organising exhibitions. See her work under the label Mikado on Facebook here and some more of her illustration on Flickr here.


All Durban locals, and those who will be here on the 24th of October, be sure to hit Beanbag Bohemia from 7pm onwards. 27 Durban artists have been approached to put mind to paper and come up with 2 designs each, for a limited edition deck of cards. Only 100 packs will be printed along with A3 prints of the artworks. Show may hit Joburg and Cape Town as well.


I've had to take compulsory leave from the blogging world for a while. Have I missed it? Heck yes I have. However when you work in advertising somehow your days get chomped up at a hellish pace. I also got given an all expenses paid trip to Phuket, Thailand which was amazing! Free return flights, accommodation, and free buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner including all drinks from the bar, and at Club Med if the other stuff wasn't good enough. See some photos here. So the reason for this post is I noticed a huge spike in my hits from the meager daily to rate to 266 in a day, which by my standards is pretty good. With a bit of help from trusty old Google I realsied I had been published in a Zeixs book on logos. Day made, just like that. See who else cracked the nod here.


My thumbnail caught my eye this morning and I noticed that the mark I wear with pride is beginning to work it's way to the top, and will soon be gone. As I sat thinking I remembered the images above from last years elections in Zimbabwe that were posted here. In a country with its fair share of whingers, let's celebrate the successes we've had and be mindful of them each time we feel the urge to complain.


Loving the fresh new approach of these bird paintings by Frank Gonzales. Found on booooooom. See more of his work here.


It's been ages since I last posted, work has taken a front seat as we head into an exciting but manic period. In between this all I was shown these nifty brooches. Crafty, simple and homemade they should sell like hotcakes. See more here.


I have a Moleskine just like this that my friend Wok got me for my 30th, but try as I may it looks nothing like this. It's mostly full of notes of movies to watch, books to read, dates to remember and a total of two terrible drawings of hands. Hats off to Guilherme Dietrich who shows us all how it's done. Found via Booooooom.


I'll be taking part in an live painting exhibition this Saturday at Hot Black in Durban. Those that are interested pop on by. We'll be there from early but will be painting most of the day. It's my first live painting show so little nervous but more than anything just up for the challenge and as it's a collaboration it'll be great to hang and work with other really talented artists for the day. Check out the flyer above for more info.


So I finally got most of my pics from India processed. For those that are keen to check them out pop on by my Flickr page right here. Peace.