I remember my first trip to India. I was completely taken by the faces of the people I met. The thing about Delhi is being the size it is, it attracts people from all over the country, mostly to find a job in the big city. Those from northern Indian states have features that are so drastically different from those of people from the far south. Years of labour, sorrow and joy have never before been more obvious to me. These photos by Spanish photographer David Terrazas taken all across Asia show some of what I'm on about. The shot of the young girl frowning has left me captivated. Such a great shot. See more of David's work on his site http://www.davidterrazasphotography.com/ and on his Flickr page.


Xay B. said...

His stuff is really great!

JP.Brouard said...

Agreed. Wish I could spend more time traveling and getting some shots like that.