Okay it looks more canine than bear-like but this is without a doubt one of the COOLEST things I've found in recent weeks if not in the last long while. Joshua Allen Harris you're a genius!

Harris decided he'd make animals out of plastic bags and tie them to the ventilation grates of the subway, in what I presume must be New York. A train passes by underground, sends air rushing up and Voila! the creatures come to life. See pics and more info on Wooster Collective and the insane video of these beauties on Youtube here.


Last night local spot Manna, in Durban, was buzzing at the second launch of a new book, Along the Way. Part of a larger initiative titled, Cascoland the book was put together by Roger Jardine, Niall McNulty and Tamlyn Young. All proceeds of last night book sales go towards a family met during the ten day event. The family was torn apart tragically in a car accident in which the father and young daughter were killed leaving the mother, pregnant with the couples second child.

The book features photography by Jardine of Disturbance Design, with prints on display and for sale at last nights shindig. The prints are in limited editions of ten and vary from between R400 and R600. Oh and music was supplied by the talented Mr. Aidan Cornhill.


Netdiver, an online design/sub-culture mag, released their 1oo best finds for 2007 a while back. This list includes work by Jack Crossing, who produced this bench-cum-bookshelf piece featured above.


Was browsing through books at Exclusive Books, Pavilion the other night and found this handy little guide to getting creative. The Guerilla Art Kit is much more than that though. It's full of suggestions and ideas on how to get creative with the simplest things, and in doing so livening up your "hood". I found it utterly cool. Visit author Keri Smith's blog The Wish Jar here for some great ideas and check out her other titles.


New fashion/ decor shop Belljar opened on March 15 at 3187 16th Street, San Francisco. Found on Coquette.


I remember seeing the Western Nostril by locals Patrick and Alex Latimer in a Laugh it Off Annual a while back so decided to check them out online. Much to my stoke they have a daily post, each new day equals one new strip.

Here are some my favourites from recent posts.


Every now and then I come across an image somewhere and just love it. Like this one I found on Flickr by psychic heart. Some great Holga shots as well. That's it.


Simply beautiful indoor/outdoor, glass or plastic multi-faceted Asteroid lamps from Koray Ozgen. For those interested they stand 30 x 30cm which seems just right. See more on Innermost. Found on the designklub blog.


My mate Jono sent me a link to Freshome a while back. Have only really had a chance to check it out today and found this nifty bookshelf from David Restorick which is just the kind of thing I need to keep all my "stuff" that is currently cluttering up my desk. Can't remember where I saw it but some of you may remember David's Book Tree. Yup the same guy. Fully wish I had the resources, space and time to produce stuff like this. Gotta get me a studio one day. See David's Flickr page here.


If my mate Will was into martial arts he'd be the highest ranked ninja. But he's not..he is a writer and a damn fine one at that. He sent me this link and tons of great comments. See shorpy here for amazing photos from decades gone by and Will's blog here.


Despite my initial hesitance, I set my alarm for just after five this past Saturday morning and arrived looking like the back of a bus, at a mates place for a lift up to the weekly Shongweni Farmers Market. Farmer folk generally rise early, but I was nonetheless surprised to see the place buzzing when we arrived at 6ish. Well it ended up being a great start to the day. After a massive breakfast for only R25 and a browse I'll definitely be back. Plenty of fruit, crafts and people showing off their dogs. Pop by some time. Big thanks to my main man G.


Dutch agency Maki are bringing out a book about customised footwear titled "Custom Kicks", which is available for pre-order on Amazon now.


I posted a few spreads from the Lyell site a while back but recently saw their Spring 2008 catalogue. Once again I'm loving these shots. Amazing mood and lighting and it helps that the model has a bit too much of a Claire Danes thing going on.


The third annual Off The Wall exhibition invites are out and yours truly will most definitely be submitting work for it. Themed "The Great Trek", this years exhibition is geared around the idea that our lives are one long journey and the artwork is to revolve around that concept.

I attended the show last year for the first time and you can bet your bottom ront there's going to be white hot art on display/for sale. Make a note of this and make sure you're in Durbs for the weekend. To quote my good mate Will, "Be there or be a rhombus!" The exhibition will run from the 21st April to 10 May at Artspace, Durban. Keep checking out the blog for updates as the big date draws nigh.


Was digging through my mass of reference and found this. It made me laugh just as hard the second time round. Can't remember where I scooped this but probably off Wooster Collective which is easily the best street art and graffiti site online.