I've a confession to make. I'm not the most fashionable or snappy dresser. I try to dress well, but invariably end up donning my trusty tee, denim and sneaker combo most days. The thing is however, that since I began working for my current employers, who have as there main account a fashion retailer, I've become increasingly fashion aware. I browse sites like on&beyond and imagine being part of another world. A world where money is not an issue and I'm regularly complimented on my dress sense. Above are outtakes from Vincent Tsang's shoot for Japanese mens label Deluxe for Inventory Magazine.


Renowned South African photographer Pieter Hugo and Michael Cleary teamed up with local muso/DJ Spoek Mathambo for a video which is a cover of Joy Division's "She's lost control". I'm fully aware that I'm a little late on posting this vid, but in my opinion the calibre of the work allows it. The video has various references to "township cults, street preaches and teen gangs and was shot on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, Cape Town". See Spoek's site here and more of Hugo's work here and Cleary's work here. See the full video here. All images are screengrabs from the video.


I've never been mechanically minded. By that I mean, when I was younger my best friend would be taking things apart, rocking it on Flight Simulator and rigging up his BMX. I on the other hand was drawing, reading or looking up stuff in my new atlas or encyclopedia. As I grew older I developed a keener interest in a variety of subjects. I got my first computer for one. Well, the reason I tell you these things is because I found this series of photos by Todd McLellan which marry both in the most amazing way. Gizmos and gadgets meet visual beauty. See more of Todd's work here. Discovered via


One of my favourite artists and now a great friend Wesley van Eeden and his lovely wife Megs, along with Paul Senyol are currently in Finland. I remember Wez chatting to me a while back about the opportunity to take-up an artists residency in Ekenas, a town a small trip away from Helsinki. Well, they're all there now and seem to be loving it, colder climate, snow and stark landscape and all. If you've never heard of Wez or his lovechild, browse by his site and see what they're up to after browsing his portfolio. He's got some serious skills coupled with a great heart. His compadre on this adventure is Capetonian Paul Senyol whose blog you can check out here and his flickr page here. Have a great public holiday tomorrow and ejoy the long weekend.


I first saw James Victore's work in my third year of studying Graphic Design. We had a great lecturer who was not only cool but fully informed and on the money when it came to contemporary culture, branding and trends. Part of our syllabus was an anti-branding campaign for Amnesty International. Part of our reference base were a few of Victore's posters. Oddly enough I never took note of who designed the posters but merely admired them for their striking visuals. Then this morning my mate Wok ( Thanks Wok ) sent me an interview he found on with the man himself. Victore's new book which you can order on looks set to be a much sought after addition to every designers library. All pics are Victore's and were nicked off


Agyness Deyn, for those that don't know who she is, is an international supermodel and much adored it-girl. Highly versatile and super edgy Agyness will be gracing our shores in May for the 031 Collection sponsored by Mr. Price. The event runs from 19th to the 21st of May 2011. Read more and keep up to date at inthefashionloop and on the 031 Collection blogspot.


Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam based label that been around since the 80's but relaunched in 2001. Attention to detail, careful crafting of each item and a clear love for what they do, namely making great clothes, they're sure to continue their current success for decades to come. They have since launched sub-brands and now boast 30 stores world-wide, and over 7000 other sales points. The whole site is super easy to browse and I really dig the horizontal navigation on their blog. Pop on by their website here and see what they have to offer. Images courtesy of


Last year was a huge one for me. I'd go as far as saying the most challenging one yet. It was full of more up than downs, both deep tragedy and unexpected comfort. It's taken a while to feel normal again. All this got me pondering the meaning of life and how we collect things, whether it's stamps or coins, buttons or brooches. Often the things we hold dear don't hold the same significance to those we leave behind. As a child I collected stamps. I spent hours, removing them from old envelopes, pasting them in my albums and meticulously arranging them ( alphabetically ) in labeled envelopes. I guess looking back now I was always drawn to visual beauty. It was part of my make-up from the very beginning, so it's no surprise I ended up in a career along those lines. To this day I'm amazed at the colour and vivid details that some of the stamps possess. I found these albums from my childhood the other day.


Saturdays NYC is a surf store/lifestyle blog based in New York City. Being New York, the shop offers local and visitors a little respite from the buzz with a coffee shop and garden eatery at the back, along with a range of sourced products such as books and fine art. These are my picks og guys goods from the online store. Check our more here.


Found these beautiful shots by Gerard Byrne here on the dead cool butter and brass blog. Love the simplicity of the idea and how it must have taken a fair bit of planning to get these just right. The stark landscape reminds me of early morning trips in the family car, gazing out at the newly lit fields as we headed for adventure. I more than likely found this blog through missmoss, whose blog you should also visit. Both these blogs will undoubtedly render you totally unproductive for many hours.