Undoubtedly talented and surprisingly young ( in years ) Mikhael Subotsky has to some degree had a meteoric rise to becoming one of South Africa's most well respected and renowned photographers. For his final and fourth year at university Mikhael did a study of prison life in South Africa which has since received international acclaim. At 25 years old Subotsky's work has now been exhibited internationally in Basel, Miami, Turin, Bamako, The Canary Islands, Rome, Verona, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Mexico City, San Francisco, London, and New York. Locally he has had work on show at a variety of galleries including the Goodman Gallery in 2006.

Not content to keep his knowledge and expertise to himself, Subotsky started a worskhop for inmates which has proved very successful, if success is to be measured by effort and results, with two of the former inmates now working in the photographic industry.

Above are portraits taken by the inmates. Great to see someone giving back as opposed to turning one. See more of his work here and that's him in the top pic. Give him a pat on the back if you ever bump into him.

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Bronwyn said...

Amazing portraits, I must admit I hadn't heard of him until I read your post. I also love Lula, great photography there too. I am realizing that fashion photography (not all) is also an amazing art form...and I've used the word amazing far too much in this comment:)