I've been following the work of Hungarian born, London based illustrator David Foldvari since 2002. I love his illustration style and it's been great to see how his work has evolved from his older work to the newer stuff. He deserves a mention here, if not for his sheer talent, then for the help he gave me when I was researching my 3rd year Graphic Design project on Graffiti/Street Art and it influence on contemporary design and illustration. David can be contacted through his website or through his agency Big Active which also represents the likes of Genevieve Gauckler and Jasper Goodall. See his blog here.


Dimitrio said...

I like these, they remind me of FullBleed (http://www.dobi.nu/fullbleed/), this is just more impressionist-type-of.

Melody Seal said...

Hey, i really like his work too! Often very simple but clever. I live in London too so he's a neighboring illustrator i suppose! I'm from Zimbabwe though and have visited durban quite a lot, what's the creative scene like there?