You know how you have preconceptions about your future. I'll live in this type of house, the decor will be such and such, and it''l be located in this type of area. Well if you took my ideas, hopes and dreams, fused them together under intense heat at a high speed. This would be the result. A beautiful house set amongst a grove of trees, close to the water. Loblolly House built by Kieran Timberlake sits on Taylors Island, Chesapeake Bay in the U.S of A. Two thousand square feet of sheer bliss. This would obviously be only one of the houses I own.....obviously. Along with a villa in Sardinia and a loft apartment in Manhattan.


Dimitrio said...

I Love this house - I think I will have one of those as well.

Shaz said...

If I am correct. There is a house in South Africa built with a very similar structure and idea. It was featured on Top Billing a while back.