I love this restaurant. I first found out about it in 1999 when I was in the UK for 5 months. My first night in London my cousins treated me dinner there. Wagamama is an awesome noodle bar that serves freshly prepared Asian dishes.

I think the way they've approached the seating is such a fresh change from isolated "booths" found in most restaurants. They had these long trestle tables in rows ( not unlike camp mess halls ), so you often end up eating next to complete strangers. Which is not as bad as some might think. There's very much a community vibe to the whole spot, and all the food and fruit juices are prepared fresh for each meal. None of this pre-cooked nonsense. If anyone reading this has a chance to visit one of the stores, go for it.

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Kelly said...

i have a good friend who is a diehard wagamama fan after living in London. she picked up a cookbook and we whipped some of the recipes up. YUM. i can only imagine eating there in person.