I was inspired after seeing an installation by Future Farmers on their website featuring a see saw. The see saw, in their own words:

"is a reaction towards "interactive installations". It is a sketch of the simplest interface for interaction between two people (or more). When I asked myself: What is the simplest sculpture that could create: community, connection, exchange, play, human powered, physical, motion and interactivity between people or groups of people"

Now the see saw as an item is pretty simple but much loved. So I thought I'd spend some time scouring the web seeing what else was out and I'm not only impressed but amazed. The images from top to bottom are 1. See saw installation by Future Farmers. 2. The Log Rocker by Paul Frank as seen on 10grain. 3. Didi Dunphy's office see saw on Mocoloco which is part of a range of "interior play furnishings". 4. A rocking chair on Design Boom. 5. and lastly a see saw bookshelf by BCXSY as featured on gnr8 and Rag & Bone.

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