Point 1. In my opinion, and these are no hard and fast rules, a great photo has to have great composition, moody lighting and has to be beautifully simple. If two of the three aren't present then the other has to be strikingly effective. Point 2. I love the heady and humid nights during Durban's summer and with it night swimming. In fact when I was still staying with my folks I used to have a swim almost every night in our pool. So when I saw these photos by German Londoner Esther Teichmann I was an instant fan. This series "Viscosity" was inspired by memories of childhood night swims in Germany in a lake surrounded by forests. I don't really know what it is about these evenings that hangs so heavily in my memory, tugging at my nostalgia but I know that she's caught it somewhere between the cold water and warm air . Found in the November 2005 Issue of Creative Review.

Read and see more of her work on the photodebut and creative review websites.

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