When considering what to post, I'm often confronted with the choice of whether I post something people would like to see or do I post something I think is blogworthy. I have to go with what I feel is blogworthy or my blog would begin to look like everyone other blog. It's easy for it to get like that these days as well, with so many great blogs and ideas out there. So here's my Monday morning post. I think it's important to be aware of how fortunate some of us are. That's not to assume that poverty equals unhappiness but poverty is a major issue worldwide. One which we can't ignore.

These photos above were taken by photographer James Mollison. Asked to shoot a project on the rights of children James found himself considering his childhood and his bedroom. These portraits are a result of his travels. Order the book here on chrisboot.com. Thanks to Tamah for the link. Found via visualnews.com.


mathew said...

bru saw this in a mag a while ago...chilling stuff man!
that id with the matress in the field...so heavy!!

Gingerninja said...

Really enjoyed this post...was raw and unapologetic..Keep at it bud