We were down in Cape Town a while back for a long weekend and visited practically every thrift. antique and bric-a-brac store from Muizenberg to Kommetjie. I found these 7cm x 4cm cards at a store in Fish Hoek. Comprised of 2 series, one fauna and the other flora of South Africa they cost very little but I was pretty stoked with them. I think the animals were photographed in a museum so some are a little dead looking but I think it makes them all the more weird. I plan on framing a few when time allows.

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sudipa said...'s Sudipa.(i interviewed u 4 that school project)hmmm...dunno if you remember me? but anyway.Wanted 2 just say that i saw your blog page thing at last and i think it's pretty cool.and most of the pics are awesome.