Since 1997 evasolo have accomplished in a few short years what many companies, I believe, only dream of achieving. Having won awards every year (but one) since starting up, seems like they're dressed for success. Above are a few of the objects that make me go ooh!, namely a server, a griller, the smiley container and a bird feeder.


sharon said...

hi jp
thanks for the visit.
we appreciate any comments and love the fact you've added us to your blog roll...have done same to yours!

sudipa said...

bwahahaha...me again.I didn't think that u would have gotten my comment that i sent but haha u did .anyway u know that bunny/shark cartoon pic on your blog?yeah well i went 2 that website and i think those little cartoon animal things are nice.very cute.i like them.oh and btw i think i'm going 2 give u my comments every now and again..just coz.:)
okay,keep well.bye.