A couple of local artists led by an idea sparked in the mind on local sculptor George Holloway took part in an exhibition at Corner Café which opened Friday. The idea was to take a wheelbarrow each and customise it in what ever way the artist felt. The opening night was great with some great work. Artists that participated including myself were George Holloway, Sarah Holloway, Wez van Eeden, Christian Mugnai, Ross Turpin, Jenna-Leah Shone, Trevor Paul, Richard Phipson and Lyle Wessels. Above are a few of the barrows. From the top Trevor, Richard, Christian and mine. I'll update if I get some more pics.

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Ashleigh princess said...

I was seriously impressed at the simplicity yet delightful genius of the works on display at this exhibit - lovely work guys - Phill had to persuade me to not put a wheelbarrow in our living room oneday ;)