Four of the coolest people I know live on the other side of the world. Hong Kong is now home, and has been for a while, to four of my super talented South African mates. Richy and Ross are designers turned tattoo artists. Rochelle, Richy's wife is a photographer and Jen is also a designer who's now teaching wee Asian kids in a local school. I thought I'd put up a little shout out as I was browsing all their sites and blogs and getting a little emotional. I miss these guys. Ross and Richy own a tattoo spot in Kowloon called Star Crossed Tattoo, but they also have individual blogs showcasing their work. Richy's stuff here and his photo-a-day blog here. Ross' blog here. Rochelle's work is displayed here and Jen might have a blog but I'm not sure of the address. Let me know Jen-Jen. The photography above is from Richy and Rochelle's sites.


jennifer ▲ i art u said...

such rad images. you're lucky to have such amazing friends!

Jacqui said...