It's been about a year since the World Cup turned this country into one huge flag-waving mass of soccer hysteria. I made a concerted effort to resist getting caught up in the consumer pitched marketing and buy-something-you'll-never-use-again-mentality...except for the car flag, but that was practically a necessity. I did however recently buy a book titled Amen by Jessica Hilltout. Brimming with amazing photography the book launch coincided with the World Cup, but is by no means a gimmicky buy strictly for tourists seeking a momento of their time here. Travelling part of her journey in VW Beetle, Belgium born Hilltout traversed Africa documenting grassroots football at its most pure. The more I think about it, I think soccer may be the greatest game ever invented.

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Hey! I blogged about her as well!!

FuNnY!! where did you find her book?