There's a new noodle bar in town and let's just say the food is face-meltingly amazing. Mooki Noodle Bar opened at 190 Brand Road opposite Corner Cafe on Monday and has been cranking every night since. I can't emphasise enough how much I enjoyed my meal, other than to say I got a bit weepy, and must have congratulated the chefs at least four times...each. I ordered the pork with udon noodles and ginger red chilli sauce. It was perfect. Just salty enough and just hot enough and a decent size portion too. Meals range from R19-R45 for starters, R40-R50 for mains and there's a banana tempura for dessert at R29. They're open Monday to Saturday 11 till 9. Check out their site or call them on 031 811 9199.


Hey Sweetie! blog said...

I'm in Durban this weekend, maybe I will try it! Looks keeyoot.

mathew said...

yes dude this looks sick!!
nice one!

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

this looks amazing!