I remember being in my teens, I'd say towards the end of my high school years and just developing this deep love for music. I think all teens go through this stage. I'd spend hours and days stopping, pausing and rewinding tapes so that I could get the lyrics juts right. Who wants to be at a disco and have a song come on and summoning all your teenage angst, blare out the wrong words. The reason I write about this is because I found an old book of my foolscap book of my Dad's from his high school years. The front contains a few pages and accompanying photos detailing the guys in his rugby team, row by funny hairstyled row. The back however has a few pages with carefully transcribed lyrics to the above songs, "neatly" written in his barely decipherable cursive. He'd often ask me to try and make out what he'd written down. So, it's kind of odd to picture my Dad as a teen. Hitting the dancefloor, trying to impress a girl with his moves, getting dumped and finding love again. These are the songs and lyrics he wrote down. Drop me a comment if you recognise any of them 1. With a girl like you - The Troggs 2. The House of the Rising Sun - The Animals ( Prepare to have your face melt when Eric Burdon steps it up a gear ) 3. As tears go by - Marianne Faithfull ( originally by The Rolling Stones )


Genevieve said...

Love every single one of those tracks.Reminds me of childhood, dancing in the lounge with my folks, good times.

JP.Brouard said...

Thanks Gen. Those were good and simple times back them.