Really dig the work of North Carolina based photographer Jeff Holt. The shots he's chosen to feature on his site are grainy, moody and downright epic. All his work seems to be imbued with a love for life on a grand scale and his selected works view like a road-trip full of troubles and triumphs. Under the info section of his site he put his love for what he does like this.

"I have had incredible experiences that have shaped my opinions, views, outlook and disposition on life. It seems that in the last several years I have been dealt more than in those previous. From success to failure, life at it’s best to life at it’s worst; love, loss and personal injury just to name a few. With all of that said, I have come to know that everything happens for a reason and in the end, life is about the journey and how we choose to live it. It is short, it is sweet and I choose to live mine with a passion that I hope is infectious to those around me."

Above are my favourites from his various categories. See more of his work here.

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