I've had the privilege of working for some great people over the years. The greatest part is that I've always had a great rapport with my bosses. I'm not talking amicable formalities. I'm talking being able to sit down and really chat and talk about anything really from religion to politics. Currently I work for possibly one of the most endlessly entertaining and inspiring individuals I've met, yet alone worked for. Nev's a man of big ideas and dreams. What sets him apart is that he could easily rest on his laurels, considering how hard he's worked and how much he's achieved, but I think he'd rather undergo a frontal lobotomy. His mind, motivation and disposition wouldn't allow it. He may not give away too much but you pick up certain things as you do when you spend a fair amount of time working for someone. Nev's always got a little something up his sleeve or this out-there idea he's keen to bring to life. It's been a huge privilege to observe this process and drive over the past year and a bit.

Above are the first four pages from his lookbook. Mister Trickett launches at Mr. Price in June. For now go check out his menswear blog.

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