For a while now I've been trying to check out the Johnny-Loco site but have had hassles for some reason (url error). But today, my friends I hit a bit of luck.

So I have a question for anyone reading this. When last did you ride a bike. I think the last time may have been when I was in London in 1999. I might have ridden one since, oh yes the little cycle race in 2002. Well anyway, in my opinion not much beats hitting a long, slow hill on a bike. It really is such an awesome experience. So to those whining about the soaring fuel price. Hop on a bike the next time you head down to your local café for some bread and milk. See my choice above. The Classic, City, Extreme and Cargo Beach Cruisers.


Dexter Douglas said...

The first bike is for cruising the streets for lasses. The last one is just so gnarly, and for when said lass becomes your wife and you have a clutch of children to move around but can't afford the petrol.

Kiff post!

Ross Turpin said...

too kiff!

onderdiemaanensterre said...

Looking at the petrol price, I must look into these babies for transport. ha ha

Dexter Douglas said...

C'mon JP, another pooooost...

I just put up more of my story if you're interested.

Dexter Douglas said...

Get stoked! The Smithsonian institute in the states has released a bunch of archived photos to the public domain - check it out!

Warwick said...

I want one! hmmm... I wonder if i still have my bmx? can't remember if it's buried in my garage or sold?! Bring on the pedals!

Lawrence said...

I've never met a bike I didn't want to ride.

Lawrence said...

oh and if you're into bikes, read about "fixies". It's a bicycle subculture and its well interesting and radiculous, I could tell you all about it but I think it's better if you look it up yourself, you'll be super interested its similar to the Decotora trucks I linked you about.

Anonymous said...

Hi JP,

trying to find 26" white wall tyres? Any ideas? My nephew is buiding a beach cruiser.


Anonymous said...


If you think these bicycles are cool wait till you ride them. It feels like you're floating on a feather... Best ride of your life!

They come in single speed (top one), three speed (black one) and seven speed (orange and the black cargo cruiser)

I deliver to your house. Visit my website

JC van BLerk
Johnny Loco South Africa

Mazet said...

I live in Good Ol Cape Town and would love to own the cargo bike. I have been looking at the christiania bike for a while now and been looking for a supplier in South Africa. Until I came across the Johnny loco ones. Do you know of anybody supplying these bikes or something similar? Your help will be much appreciated.
My details are

JP.Brouard said...

Hey Mazet

You can check out there site at

Shot for the comment and hope you come right!