Only realised now how fitting and ironic is is that this is my first post in a long while, and it's titled First Aid. The past week and a bit have been manic, late nights, tight deadlines, you name it.

I thrifted this book a while back and have recently acquired a later edition/publication. I love the old school medical illustrations and the way that every person in the book looks exactly like the next. If visitors from another planet picked it up they'd think we were a bunch of clones, that regularly carried each other around and wore fabric around our limbs.


Heather Moore said...

Hi JP. Great to hear from you at Skinny laMinx. I spent most of my weekend wandering up and down Florida Rd, as we were staying with friends nearby, and I completely fell in love. Very envious of you living in close proximity to such a lovely street.
Hope you enjoy Paul's show!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Oh JP *sigh* you make me giggle like a schoolgirl.

Christopher de Beer said...

hey man that book rules :D super cool. i'd better get my arse back in gear.

lula cat said...

Hey, I was admiring these pics the other day and posted them on my blog, and then when i got home, i was paging through some new books that i picked up over the weekend and found the same illustration! Anyway, cool blog keep it up, ne?